Powerbook G4 HD and Dual-core G5 Tech Specs

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    Powerbook G4s
    12" model remains the same, Superdrive is standard

    15" and 17" models:
    New screen 1440 x 900 on 15", 1680 x 1050 on 17" (Same resolution as 20" Cinema), also supports 30" cinema screen externally
    DDR-2 533 MHz SODIMM RAM standard 512 Mb, 2 sockets, maximum 2 Gb
    Gigabit Ethernet standard
    Better claimed battery life
    Hard drives remain at 5400 rpm
    15"-80 Gb standard, 100Gb, 120 Gb and 100 Gb 7200 RPM are options
    17"-120 Gb standard but 100 Gb 7200 RPM is an option at the same price
    Superdrive is standard
    Mobility Radeon 9700 128 Mb is standard, no BTO options.

    There is no speed bump in the Powerbook line, although the minimum specification of the 15" has been raised. The change to DDR-2 RAM is significant, since it means a motherboard redesign. The fact that the line was not speedbumped at the same time (despite the hue and cry for faster portables) may signal that the Powerbook G4 processor is at the outer edge of its performance envelope in a laptop and we will have to wait for MacTel powerbooks to get any more speed. This tells me that IBM or Freescale have been unable to deliver faster G4 processors with low power consumption and low thermal output.

    Although they will be applauded by movie watchers/producers, I see the new screens as primarily as stop-gap upgrade (given the lack of advancement on CPU speed). 1440 x 900 native on a 15" screen is not an advantage for everyday use. Many office users will find themselves changing to a lower, non-native resolution at a poorer onscreen sharpness, just to get characters large enough to see.

    DDR-2 SODIMM RAM has been used for several months in PC laptops, so Apple is following, not leading, the trend -- which is a good thing.

    PowerMac G5s
    Dual Core 2.0 GHz (single processor die) and 2.3 GHz (single processor die)
    "Quad" Dual-core 2.5 GHz dual-processor
    Superdrive is standard
    DDR-2 533 MHz memory, ADDED IN MATCHED PAIRS, 8 sockets, up to 16 Gb RAM with 8 x 2 Gb DIMMs 512 Mb is standard (2 x 256 Mb DIMMs)
    GeForce 6600 PCIe 256 Mb video card standard, (128 Mb on entry level 2.0 GHz)the only video BTO option is the Quadro FX4500 workstation class card (US$1650) which can support dual 30" displays.
    USB telephone modem, Bluetooth and Airport are all OPTIONAL

    Quad 2.5 is 3 - 4 weeks shipping time

    The Dual-core hoopla will tend to obscure the fact that the 2.0 and 2.3 GHz machines didn't actually increase in processor count or speed over the previous models. It remains to be seen whether a dual-core processor is significantly more efficient in processing power then two individual processors, each with their own buss and cache (we know it is more efficient in manufacturing cost, which will be Apple's prime motivation) The buss speeds remain the same.

    The "Dual Dual" Quad 2.5 GHz machine is significant, as it is Apple's first (and the mainstream industry's first) quad processor desktop machine. Apple sensibly rolled back the processor speed from 2.7 GHz, presumably to improve yields of reliable processors, and to reduce the thermal load. The fact that they are not ready for shipping for three to four weeks is worrysome, invoking visions of prior unavailable IBM processors, including the infamous "downgrade" of the G4 Sawtooth models which saw customers receive machines 50 MHz slower than they had ordered and paid for. Apple's high end will live or die on IBM's ability to deliver quality CPUs, until the MacTel designs can be rolled out.

    As expected, the motherboards are designed around DDR-2 RAM, in a dual-channel configuration. 16 Gb RAM is possible with available 2 Gb modules. Pricing on the 2 Gb modules will be unsettled for the next two weeks as the manufacturers jockey for position in the market, and the vendors get Macs for compatibility-testing or the existing range of DDR-2 RAM products.

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    Nothing Here but the Quadra the way i see it. Thanks for posting those specs so everyone can see.
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    Mar 15, 2005
    Don't forget the lower price points on Powerbooks
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    Apr 19, 2005
    It's great to see a update on powerbook line.
    As a Mac fans, I was so excited for hours. However, soon....

    The powerbooks only updated with the LCD display, so that we have larger working space. However, without a decent CPU, the powerbooks are still weak.

    On the SAME 1.67Ghz G4 CPU, we still cannot work on HD video editing in Final Cut Pro, we still cannot encode H.249 Video in a decent speed. Those expensive powerbooks, top-of line powerbooks, only meet the basic-requirement for apple's newest software-Aperture. (And I don't think the powerbooks can have a good speed with Aperture)

    add a HD display alone without any increase in CPU power, it seems useless.
    (...anyway, this update.....is .....at least better than nothing)

    I think, we still have to wait after july 2006 if we wanna buy a powerbook,
    or...just go for an ibook.

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