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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by m0nkeybl1tz, Oct 12, 2006.

  1. m0nkeybl1tz macrumors newbie

    Apr 27, 2004
    Hey, so my computer's (15" 1.33 GHz PowerBook G4) been slowing down a lot lately, and it seems like memory might be the solution.

    Someone recommended I get memory either from Kingston, Samsung, or Crucial. Looking around here, people seem to recommend OWM, DMS, or Crucial.

    The overlap here would seem to be Crucial, but their stuff costs around $180 (as does Kingston's), while OWC is $145, and DMS is about $130. Newegg only has Buffalo for $60, but wtf is Buffalo?

    It sounds like ordering from OWC and DMS is kind of a crap shoot as to what you get...are they all reliable, or is it safer to spend the extra $50 to get it from Kingston or Crucial? Thanks!

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    Jan 20, 2005
    I'm one of those who will strongly recommend OWC and DMS for PPC Mac RAM. Their cheapest one should be fine, as long as it has the lifetime advance warranty. Terrific companies that know Macs and stand behind their products.

    I avoid Crucial and their pricing games at all costs, especially when there are good alternatives out there that are cheaper. Good RAM, borderline unethical company.
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    Oct 11, 2004
    On the Left Coast - Victoria BC Canada
    The key is getting it from a reputable company that tests and guarantees Mac compatibility, offers a lifetime warranty, and a no-cost return if it doesn't work.

    You don't want to mess with generic PC RAM in the early AlBooks, they are sensitive to the SPD settings being exACTly right.

    OWC and DMS qualify,
    NewEgg doesn't (no compatibility guarantee, plus a 15% restock charge provision on 'non-defective' returns)
    Crucial qualifies, but they make you pay return shipping.

  4. disconap macrumors 68000


    Oct 29, 2005
    Portland, OR
    I will vouch for Trevor's advice when it comes to RAM, I've been here a while and he's yet to be wrong in anything I've read from him.

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