Powerbook G4 Power Supply FRIED


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Feb 1, 2005
San Diego
So i was doing some work on my new powerbook G4 and I noticed my battery was getting low, so I go to plug in my AC power supply.

I first plug it into the wall, noticing a little spark but that usually happens anyways. Once plugged into the wall, I slip the plug into my powerbook. It flashed green for one instant then just turned off. Now it doesn't work, so I have a good for nothing laptop with 8% on it's battery.... Apple store, here I come, demanding a free replacement.

Did I do anything wrong? I'm pretty sure I plugged it in correctly etc.

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Jan 26, 2004
you did the right thing.

Always plug the adapter into the wall before plugging into the computer. This stops the Power Management Unit from getting confused which can stop the machine from charging (requiring a PMU reset).
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