PowerBook G4 PowerPC CD/DVD drive not working

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by sgsphotography, Apr 21, 2011.

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    Apr 21, 2011
    I was in the process of doing a complete reinstall on the this machine because of a broken registry. I got the original grey PowerBook G4 Software Install and Restore CD to run and the Mac OS X Tiger to install. When I started to try and reinstall my other programs from scratch on the specific CDs for them, my CD/DVD will run like it is going to boot them a few times, never boots them on the desktop, and then spits them out without me able to use them. I am not positive that the DVD/CD drive didn't stop working after the updates were installed.

    When I ran Dick Utility on the computer, and tried to verify the disk,this is what it said:
    Verifying volume “HD”
    Checking HFS Plus volume.
    Checking Extents Overflow file.
    Checking Catalog file.
    Checking multi-linked files.
    Checking Catalog hierarchy.
    Checking Extended Attributes file.
    Checking volume bitmap.
    Checking volume information.
    Volume Header needs minor repair
    The volume HD needs to be repaired.

    Error: The underlying task reported failure on exit

    1 HFS volume checked
    Volume needs repair

    I was recommended to use Disk Warrior to repair this problem.

    Does anyone else have any suggestions to the best way to get my CD/DVD drive working again?
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    Oct 29, 2010
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    i think you have no problem with your cd/dvd drive, you have a problem with your hard disk drive which appears to me like it is about failing.

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