Powerbook G4 TiBook logic board upgrade?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Niteshadepromis, Aug 10, 2008.

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    Aug 10, 2008
    Birmingham, AL
    Hi, guys. I've searched high and low for any and all alternatives to working with my, shall we say, "experienced" Powerbook Titanium, despite it's age(it's not old, it's chronologically advanced!). After looking things up and being able to think of nothing, I figured I'd finally register here and hope for some good advice from people who possibly know more about Mac hardware than I do.

    I received my laptop in June of 2002(it was likely bought either that month or April) from my father. As far as I was aware, it was a brand new Powerbook bought from Comp USA...with the latest specs and peripherals at the time. After 7 years of using and loving my laptop(despite the fact the battery is completely dead, both hinges are broken and removed to keep the wires from accidentally being cut until I can afford new ones, and the CD drive no longer working), it's come to a point where I'm needing to try to breath even a little new-found life into my true love...or be stuck using "The Rex", my overbearing Desktop PC with its snooty Windows XP and massive noise-creating fans.
    I am one of little money, so I have been trying to think of the best way I could possibly upgrade my computer, and have come to the conclusion that my logic board is the way to go, that way I can up my PCU speed, as well as my graphics, which would be ideal for what I use my computer for(drawing and playing WoW, which I am doing SLOWLY on less than minimum requirements).

    I have found I've run into a problem. I found it is possible to upgrade a 667Mhz TiBook to something higher...as long as it's DVI(so in other words, an Ivory version).
    I have discovered while doing my research something quite bizarre involving my Powerbook. I apparently have an Onyx/Ivory hybrid. By this, I mean I have EVERYTHING that came on the Ivory in April of 2002(512 RAM, 30 GB HD, DVD-Read CD-R write drive, ect), except for my logic board, which apparently is the VGA output as opposed to the DVI, which houses the Radeon Mobility card with 16MB VRAM. I have no idea how this happened...whether my father bought a refurbished TiBook without telling me(from the price he told me, it SHOULDN'T have been one), or if CompUSA slipped one from under him, or Apple was just trying to get rid of the remaining 667MHz VGA logic boards....I have no idea...but it's causing me a LOT of frustration at the moment.

    My TiBook SHOULD be an Ivory, meaning my logic board SHOULD have the Radeon 7500 Mobility with 32mb VRAM with DVI output...but it doesn't. Because of this, I know I cannot simply upgrade to a higher processor logic board, such as the 800MHz-1GHz processors.

    Is there ANY way at all, whether I need to buy a new mounting plate or what, that I can upgrade my logic board AT ALL...or am I outright out of luck and should give up on this otherwise absolutely wonderful computer?

    ANY ideas would be awesome...and sorry I sorta talked your ear off. I figured the more details, the better help I may get.

    And you get virtual cookies if you read it all. :p

  2. microangelito macrumors newbie

    Oct 19, 2008
    Powerbook G4 TiBook logic board upgrade POSSIBLE!!!


    There is a way to upgrade your VGA 667 Ti Book! What you have to do is buy a top and bottom casing for a DVI model and then buy your DVI logic board and put it inside the DVI casing. The casing can be found pretty cheaply online so don't worry too much. The reason you have to do this is because the VGA top casing has the mountings for the smaller VGA boards and the DVI ones are bigger and therefore won't fit. Also your going to need a DC in board to go with the DVI board as these are quite cheap it shouldn't be a problem. The need for the bottom casing to be changed is that the screws won't line up with the new DVI ones.

    Hope this helps. I love to keep the Ti Books alive they're the best apple portable ever. ;)
  3. Niteshadepromis thread starter macrumors newbie

    Aug 10, 2008
    Birmingham, AL
    Hey, thanks, Micro! It's really appreciated!

    I actually was also looking into having to switch out at least my bottom casing anyway, as the heat from the computer over the years has warped it. It's great to hear that fixing my computer will be relatively affordable(as much as I would love a new laptop, it's simply impossible at the moment).

    And I do agree...the TiBooks are definitely wonderful, despite their little "quirks". I've been looking at other laptops for the future, and simply get turned off to them because they're all so bulky. I love my sleek little 'top and would really be lost without it. :)

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