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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by nyuchi, Sep 12, 2007.

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    Apr 12, 2006
    I did some research inside these forums, and didn't find exactly my case...sorry for the long post but I wanted to give all the details.

    I have a powerbook g4 titanium 867 mhz 768 RAM 40GB HD
    Its an ancient I know, but its my workhorse.

    Yesterday I had some peculiar behavior. After waking from 2 hours of sleep the time was frozen. I noticed that the Finder was not frozen as I could navigate around my computer fine, and also switch between apps no problem. I did notice that I had the spinning beach ball only when I went to the Right side of my Finder menu to try to access the date/time for example, but that I had no problems with the menus on the Left (Files, Edit...).

    I put the computer to sleep again to see if that would resolve the issue, but it too a very looong time to sleep and then a very long time to wake up again. I think I did this 2X

    Curious, I decide to quite all my apps, I had a lot going on (photoshop, indesign, font agent pro, dreamweaver, word, excel, mail, stickies, address book...) as well as my 2 external HDs connected (each firewire 160GB Maxtor and Lacie) and then attempted to Rebuild Disk Permissions with Disk Utility. This left me hangin for 5 min, it couldnt find my HD. I had to force quit by holding the power button.

    Upon reboot things looked better, the time was normal and Disk Utility found my HD quickly and I was able to rebuild my disk permissions. (I had rebuilt my permissions just a few days ago) Then later on in the evening I found the time frozen again after putting it to sleep, and it was very slow to sleep/wak up.

    A little background on my daily behavior is that the machine is turned on most of the day, I usually sleep it multiple times a day, also its gotten to be a rather noisy machine, someone told me that I need to clean the air vents. I don't think the machine has an overheating problem, I use it mostly for graphics/web and the ususal internet/email. I have the habit to power down at night, which may not be the best, but I find that photoshop (cs2) seems to clog my machine (runs slow), and a restart usually gets is back to normal.

    After reading some others cases, it gave me the idea to perhaps reset the PMU. However this clause on the apple web site scared me since I didn't really know what it means-- "Warning: Resetting the Power Manager on any PowerBook or iBook will permanently remove a RAM disk, if present, and all of its contents."

    I am scared I am on the verge of a big problem, so any advice to help me avoid one is really appreciated.

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