Powerbook G4 with Studio Display - PLEASE HELP!

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by craiginbminor, Jan 18, 2007.

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    I have a 12" Powerbook G4 titanium, and I'm looking on eBay for a Studio Display -- however, most that I have found utilize Apple's ADC connector. My Powerbook has a mini-DVI port on the side, and it came with 2 adapters - a mini-DVI to VGA, and a mini-DVI to DVI. Now my line of thinking is that I can use the mini-DVI to DVI connector that came with my Powerbook, then use this adapter, which is a Belkin ADC to DVI adapter, then hook them together. However, Apple sells a much more expensive adapter for $99 - http://www.apple.com/lae/displays/adapter/"]here. So, can I do that? or am I going to have to spend $99 on the other one just to use with my PowerBook?
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    You need the more expensive one. The issue is that with ADC the power is carried in the cable and supplied by the computer, as opposed to DVI which is signal-only, with the monitor handling its own power needs.

    The Cheap ADC-DVI adapter is for going from an ADC *OUTPUT* to a DVI input--that is, when you have an ADC connector on your computer and want to plug in a standard DVI monitor. It basically removes the wires carrying power, since they're not necessary for a DVI monitor, and rearranges the pins to fit a DVI plug. I have one myself, which I use to plug my TV into my G5 tower.

    The pricey adapter is for going from a DVI *OUTPUT* to an ADC input; to do this, it can't just rearrange the pins--it also needs to supply the monitor with power. This is why it's so expensive, and requires that big chunky box.

    Frankly, unless you're absolutely in love with those old-school studio displays, you'd do a LOT better to either buy a non-Apple monitor (which will, by definition, not be ADC with the sole exception of one Studio-display-like monitor from a smallish company I can't remember right now), or to get a newer aluminum Cinema Display, which uses DVI and gets its power from an external brick.
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    I've got the 17" studio display lcd and the acd dvi adapter for my own 12" PB for sale if you want them. Also have the original box for the 17".

    Looking for 275.00 for package so make me an offer. I'll put it up in Marketplace, too. Actually using the set up right now.

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