Powerbook G5 AND iBook G5???

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Porshuh944turbo, Jan 14, 2005.

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    Can't believe no one on here is talking about this!!!



    According to Taiwan-based DigiTimes, Apple will start receiving shipments of G5-based notebooks in the second quarter of this year. Original Equipment Manufacturers Quanta Computer and Asustek have purportedly been tapped to build Apple's designs, and both are supposedly shipping the new notebooks at some time in the second quarter of this year. Apple surely can't be pleased that this news has leaked out of Taiwan, accurate or not. I was surprised when I saw the data because just this week Apple's VP of Worldwide Sales and Operations said in the company's quarterly conference call that a G5 notebook "would be the mother of all thermal challenges." Thus, we cannot be 100% certain that these products are this far along in development, but it does strike us as curious that Asustek is reported as building both iBooks and iBook G5s.
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    probably because it seems like a mistake...unfortunately :(
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    I do say, read this linkety!

    Most alarming. G5s are everywhere. Except for next Tuesday.

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