Powerbook issues.


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Mar 3, 2004
the great OKLAHOMA....
Soo my Powerbook's hard drive has slowly failed (read over 3 months time) It happened to do it while I was on a trip. No biggie... I am an easy going guy... It still boots randomly so i am able to get my stuff off. So i am in the market for a new hard drive. I am going for the 7k60... a 7200 rpm drive...

Anyways, the purpose of me starting this thread is this. My computer is decently old, like 2 years... But as i as taking it apart.. the power button connector (the part that is directly connected to the motherboard) broke off!! I cussed. (something i never do) And was scared about the $800 new board... Anyways, so i tell my dad the bad news... He pulls out his fancy soldering gun - and solders it back on! It looks exactly like factory... and it works. But i have one more problem. One of the connnectors on the fan came off. My dad can push all 4 cables back in (1black,1 red, 1yellow, 1 white) Now i can easily just buy a new fan... But i really don't want too. Does anyone know the order... or have a picture of the cable assembly on the cable that goes to the motherboard?

I really am sorry for this lengthy post... But I was just proud of my dad for doing that. So if you want to talk about your experience or have any help on the fan thanks!


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