Powerbook kicks PS3 off network

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by jwt, Sep 22, 2008.

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    Not sure what the best forum is to address this problem, but I just got a PS3. I have a Mac Pro wired into the router, and the Powerbook connect wirelessly. I put the PS3 on my network wirelessly, and it works fine until I open the lid on the Powerbook and it connects to the network, at which point it kicks the PS3 off the network. If I sleep the laptop and restart the PS3, I can get back on the network. The router in question is a Netgear WGR614. Also, when my Powerbook is asleep, and I set up a new network connection, I can see mine and other nearby networks broadcast. When the Powerbook is on, I can't see anything broadcast. Any help is appreciated.
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    You probably have the router setup for DHCP (the router assigns each of the machine an IP address...). It may have given you PS3 and Mac the same IP address, therefore initiating a conflict. Im not going to spend the time telling you how to assign an IP on the PS3 or Mac....or even do static IP's with the router. Look it up for router (google.com) and give that a try! :cool:
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