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    This question has probably already been answered 500 times on here, but couldnt find the answer. I have an AL PB 1.25. and want to add another 512 stick of ram. Where is the best place to get a stick of ram, besides the apple store (which is $300 on there). I was checking out bestbuy and compusa. Any suggestions on what type to buy? kensington, etc. Most I have found is around 120 bucks, but will they still work well with my installed 512 ram from apple? Also, I am looking for another battery. This one is about a year old, and wont hold a charge like it used to. Any place I could get one cheaper than from apple? I dont mind spending the money for a new battery, but im just asking. Thanks for any advice. (Southern All-Stars racing) SSMotorsports.
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    Which search function did you use? Make sure you use the "search" in the bar below the "Mac Rumors ... Page 2 ... Buyers Guide ... " etc. tabs.

    Most people recommend Crucial. In fact, if you type in "Crucial RAM" as a search, you'll see zillions of threads.

    I just got a 1 gig stick for my Powerbook, from outpost.com, and it works great. It was also really cheap -- just $149. A lot of people here have had good experiences with this RAM deal from Outpost.
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    What type: It is a PC2700 200 pin DDR SODIMM - but not all PC2700 SODIMMs are Mac compatible.

    Buy it from a seller who guarantees compatibility with the Powerbook and who offers a lifetime warranty. Crucial is popular choice for those who don't want to shop around, but they tend to be on the high side for price. Kingston is also a popular brand but they are higher than Crucial. A module from a reputable seller will be compatible with the existing Apple RAM.

    Assuming you're in the USA, I like Data Memory Systems US$93 for the 512 Mb http://www.datamem.com/viewcat.asp?C=1153.
    I have dealt with them for 5 years.

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