Powerbook Replicator? and Memory Slot Question

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    Aug 23, 2004
    Hello All,

    Thinking about purchasing a powerbook. Seeing how macrumor's buyers guide said there is a revision coming up, I will be holding out but I do have some questions on the current line of powerbooks. I am thinking about getting a port replicator for it so I can hook it up to my current display and so on. Assuming that the next revision isn't too dramatic from the current design anyone know where I can get a decent replicator? Also, I am thinking about adding more memory to the base model of the powerbook, now I know there are two Dimms that I can use but I am not sure how accessible is each Dimm. So my questions are, is it better that I get 1gb on one dimm and then add what else I need on the easily accessible dimm under the keyboard or I should just order the least amount of RAM assuming that the two dimms are easily accessible? Also, I am pretty clumsy so the least amount of opening stuff would be prefferred :D . Thanks for all the input guys/girls.
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    Jul 31, 2003
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    Which PowerBook are you thinking of buying? Only the 15" and 17" models have two user-accessible memory slots. The 12" model has a single 256MB module soldered to the motherboard, and only has a single user-accessible slot for upgrades. Adding RAM to all PowerBook models is very easy...simply unscrew the cover plate on the base of the PowerBook, and slot the RAM in. You may be confused with some iBook models which have the RAM slots under the keyboard (which you have to pop off to get at the slots).

    Also if you could comment on your intended uses for your PowerBook, that might help decide how much RAM you need. I find that 768MB of RAM on my 12" PowerBook (256MB built-in, plus a 512MB module in the single user accessible slot) gives me plenty of room for running Safari, Mail, Microsoft Office, Preview, and Photoshop occasionally in a regular 'office' type environment (ie: I'm not doing serious video or graphics work). Depending on your needs, it could be much more cost-effective to add a 512MB module rather than shelling out the disproportionate amount of cash required to buy a 1GB module...or you might really need that extra 1GB...it depends.
  3. Steven1621 macrumors 6502a


    Apr 10, 2003
    for replicators, the only ones i know of are by bookendz. they are nice, but a bit expensive. i'm in debate as to whether it is worth the cost.

    about the RAM: go with a GB. you'll be happy you did. i'm upgrading my PB once Santa comes.
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    If the question is "should I order 1 Gb in the PowerBook from Apple", the answer is no, unless you have too much money and would like to get rid of it faster.

    Order the Powerbook with the minimum stock RAM, then add third party RAM from a reputable third party seller who guarantees Mac compatibility and offers a lifetime warranty. It'll cost you less, even if you end up discarding the 256 Mb module from a 15"/17" to free up the second socket.

    You may be thinking that if you order a PB 12" or iBook with extra RAM, you'll still have a slot for upgrading? Answer, No, there is only one socket and only 256 Mb is possible on the motherboard. Any extra Apple puts in will go into that one socket.

  5. Mechcozmo macrumors 603


    Jul 17, 2004
    You mean, selling on eBay?

    And the iBooks use different speeds of RAM than the PowerBooks, BTW.

    Get a total of 768MB, that's good for just about anything. 1GB+ for heavy video work/heavy photoshop work.
  6. uspcommuter thread starter macrumors regular

    Aug 23, 2004

    Opps My bad I should have wrote down what I was getting. I am thinking about getting a 15" pb possibly with a 23" Apple Display :D (Don't be jealous I had to work 4 months nonstop with overtime just to come up with the money) Anyways back to the point, I am a big photo/video enthusiast/student/home base office worker(parttime of cousre). Therefore, I have the following stuff open at all times: Mail (checking every 5mins), safari, either M$ Office or OpenOffice, AIM, iphoto, and ocassionally photoshop and FCP or Motion. I think thats about most of the stuff that i use on at all time. And does anyone know any good place for me to scout out memory b/c a 1gb stick is mad expensive.

    Another note, well I guess dishing out whatever I have left to bookendz is worth the hassle of untaggling usb/firewire wires. If anyone know of another 3rd party that makes port replicator please do post.

    Also thankyou all for posting, any additional help is greatly appreciated.

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