Powerbook screen compared to CRT query.

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by dogbone, Jan 5, 2007.

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    I work on an emac and I really like the display for the sort of work I do which is hack work making leaflets and pamphlets that get digitally printed or offset. The colour is accurate and the screen is not tiring.

    Generally I've been a bit wary of lcd. But I'm seriously thinking of replacing my 1.42Ghz emac with a late model 17" powerbook with a 128mb 9700 card.

    I'm wondering how this screen will compare with the emac. I'm not up to speed on the various types of lcds. I know for example that the early imac displays will be inferior to studio monitors. I'm expecting that the lcd's used on the late model powerbooks to be top range as it was a pro machine.

    In the end I don't know if it would favorably compare with an emac crt.

    The second question is, is it OK to use a powerbook all day as a desk machine, I'd use a big wacom and separate keyboard obviously. Would this sort of use be too much for a laptop? Am I likely to run into problems with overheating or other damage?

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    I've been using my 1.33 GHz 15.2 inch PowerBook as both a desktop and a portable. I've got the whole thing on my monitor stand with the external keyboard and trackball below it.

    In normal usage, it shouldn't overheat and I've taxed the system over and over, keeping it at 100 % CPU usage contiously for days.

    I edit my photos on the thing and I'm quite pleased with the colour displayed. My prints come out just as expected and I believe that they match the original scene quite well.

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