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Discussion in 'macOS' started by sikkinixx, Dec 23, 2005.

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    Well right now I am using my 12" pb and my browser window just froze for a good minute before working again and this happens all the time. My itunes keeps playing and i can right click and play around with the menubar on top but everything is else is frozen. I dont know what is happening but it is starting to really annnoy me. It happens every 10 minutes at least. I only have itunes and forefox open and my bluetooth keyboard is having troubles and I am only 6ft from my laptop (it is running on my hdtv but this freezing problem happens regardless of if I am on my tv or the built in monitor). it's like (if any of you are windows users) in XP when you have multiple users running so windows is all laggy from having to run so much at once. And I only have me running on this mac, no other users. Anyone know what I can try to fix this? any help would be awesome!
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    Have Activity Monitor open for a while and see if that picks up any process(es) that are using an extreme amount of resources (CPU and RAM). Also, is it only when Firefox is open? Maybe try removing the Firefox PLIST file (preferences).

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