Powerbook Self Distructing...Not sure what to do...

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by agentphish, Aug 27, 2007.

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    Sep 7, 2004
    In advance, sorry for the length of this.

    So i have 9 days left on my applecare at this point.

    My powerbook is roughly 3 years old.

    3-4 weeks ago i sent it in for a screen replacement because there was a large dark spot starting to form in the bottom right corner.
    They replaced the screen, and sent it back no problem.

    2 days later, I came home from a work, opened my powerbook up (which had been sitting idle and closed since the previous night) and there was an entire column of bad pixels on the far left side of the screen. GREAT...
    So I sent it back to apple again thinking they gave me a bum screen.

    Apple pulled my 2gb of memory and claimed that the memory was causing the dead pixels or "video issue" as they called it, since it wasn't "certified apple ram" Even though I've had the memory since about a month after I bought the computer and they are samsung chips (same apple used at the time, not sure about what they use now) and I have never had any issues w/ it.

    Anyways they sent it back to me with my memory pulled and after supposedly replacing the screen a second time. No big deal, i popped my memory back in and booted it up and everything was fine, no video issues to speak of. Nice new screen.

    Here I am a week later and my computer just suddenly stops responding. There's a very slight grinding sound coming from where the hard drive is...Not clicking like ususal when a hard drive dies (in my experiences) but a griding, I liken the sound to that of a fish tank filter's motor when it's running, but I could barely hear it...
    So the system is completely unresponsive so i shut it down(hold power down)

    Won't boot now. Just sits at gray apple screen w/o the spinning wheel. Hooked to a G5 in target mode. Won't show up in disk util or mount at all.

    So i pick it up and start to take it upstairs to my workbench where my other comp is to try to run more tests (drive genius etc), and there's like more and more noise, this time from the rear of the computer(most likely where a fan is) then suddenly there's a violent sound like when you put a dremel tool to metal. GRIIIIIIIIINNNND but that didn't FEEL like it came from where the fans where even though thats where the inital noise sounded like thats where it came from.

    3 years completely trouble free and now basically it feels like this machine is self destructing suddenly over the course of 1 month ever since i sent it to apple the first time i've had nothing but problems, and now just before my applecare runs out and I'm going to be SOL...

    I'm not really sure what to do. If apple can be blamed for any of this odd happenings or if its just coincidence. Since I know that they had to opent the top case to replace the screen I'm wondering what could have happened while they were in there.

    ...and with 9 apple care days left, what's my best course of action. I already called and spoke to a lady named "mary" who I could barely understand, and she is sending me another overnight box to send it back to apple. If my applecare expires while the machine is still there, does that leave me SOL if I have problems when I get it back?

    Sorry again for the long post but i had to leave all the relevant information.
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    Sep 7, 2004
    Guess I must be overreacting since no one has said anything :)

    In other news, I am now running Tech Tool Pro which I got from work on the hard disk of the machine in target mode... It happened to show up when I booted to target mode and plugged it in today! A good sign... albeit temporary I'm sure.

    I also got my hands on the apple service diagnostics disk for my machine from the local mac shop, the guy let me borrow his disc so i suppose I will see how that goes.

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