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    Hello all. I got many questions.
    On have you guys noticed that the audio jack on the PB sounds, umm, better than the iPod one? You guys have any idea why? I know this has nothing to do w/the headphones because if you take those flimsy little iPod ear buds and plug them into the powerbook, they sound much more powerful. I've heard of the iPod having "inferior" sound compared to other players, but this is an apple product vs another apple product and I have no idea why they would make them sound differently.

    Speaking of audio quality, I have also noticed that there is somethig wrong with the iPod's bass reproduaction. For example if I'm playing a song with lot of bass on the iPod and the volume is at, say, 85% or higher, some notes just sound bad. But on the Powerbook, they're reproduced just fine... Using the same headphones. Its the same on all iPods I'm sure... Its like that on mine, my sis, friends, etc.

    I've proven its not the headphones because I have some of those sony CD player speakers (Batt. powered) and I was listning to them with my friends using the iPod (They get somewhat loud) and eventually the batterys died but the iPod still had some juice left. So I turned up the iPod (The speakers still work w/out batterys, except they aren't as loud) and the bass was all distorted and weird but not because it was too loud (because they weren't). I don't get it. Why? :confused:
    I have also used my heaphones on other Apple computers (iBooks, eMacs, PowerMacs) and they all sound better than the iPod... ???

    Where does all this lead to? Well, I want another iPod, but I wish Apple would fix this. But I would also like to know why this happens in the first place. I love my iPod, and I didn't have an issue with sound quality untill I compared it with my PB.

    One more qustion (I don't want to stard a whole new thread)
    I downloaded Capacity Meter for my PB and it says my capacity is 88% (it says its great), but I've had my PB for less than 2 months. Is this normal? At this rate it seems my Batt won't make it past 1 year...
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    I've heard a lot of complaints lately about the sound quality of the iPods compared to other Apple products. I've heard that the Shuffle even has superior sound quality to the other iPods. I don't know of much you could do about it, and I don't know if anything's going to change. For now, it looks like we just have to live with it.
    As for the battery, my iBook, which I got in October, says that the capacity is 93% (excellent). It sounds like yours is not normal. I would call Apple and tell them that your battery appears to be dying faster than it should, and they will probably send you a replacement. Another alternative would be to take your PB to your nearest Apple Store and show one of the techs at the Genius Bar how your battery is not up to par. I would be surprised if they didn't give you a replacement on the spot. Anyway, good luck with getting that resolved.
  3. pna macrumors 6502

    May 27, 2005
    I can't say I've noticed a tremendous difference in sound quality between my powerbook and 3G ipod, they sound fairly identical to me with the same headphones (shure e2c's).

    I have noticed a HUGE difference, however, in playing music on my stereo from my ipod using the line-out from the dock vs. just plugging the output cable into the ipod headphone jack. The $35 for the dock was worth it just for that -- it sounds fantastic.
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    I just compared my 3G iPod to my iBook and my Power Mac, and there is no real difference in sound. This may be isolated to the 4G iPods.
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    The Shuffle does not have superior output. It's ok.

    I wonder if it is less the jack and more the amp. The ability to drive a set of headphones may actually be the issue. I don't have issues with my PB, but at work, switching headsets between the booths (each with a set of external headphone amps) makes a difference. Some of the amps can drive different headsets just fine, others the impedance really makes a difference. I might venture a guess that the people that are noting differences between the computer and the iPod are not noting it with low impedance (most likely headphoens with light drivers) headphones, but nicer studio quality headsets.

    Of course the 17” PB headphone jack is better, as it is also a TOSL port. Are there optical headsets?

    A digression: At the end of the day, I take off the studio headsets, and use tiny light weight earbuds on the bus. Freedom has it's price, but the KossPlugs or my Panasonics with active noise reduction have good sound reproduction and are really lightweight. Ah! the freedom of tiny headphones. I am taking an extra long weekend and I won't be worrying about audio quality for at least 5 days.

    May all have a safe weekend.
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    Jan 20, 2005
  7. punkbass25 macrumors member

    May 16, 2005
    if your gonna plug your ipod into a good stereo or headphones, use the line out on the dock, way better sound

    also if you are going to use the headphone jack as a line up you want the colume at 70-75% because hte internal amp, distorts with low bass notes at a higher volume. this is true of any in dash amp (aka head unit) in cars as well. they distort over 75 percent because it is not a high quality amp.
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    Yeah, try using a cassette tape adapter through the headphone out of the iPod, in the car. It's the worst case scenario. sounds terrible.

    Just waiting for a good solution to use with the dock output
  9. Demon Hunter macrumors 68020

    Mar 30, 2004
    That's a good question though... do optical headsets exist? Where can I find one? :D

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