Powerbook wouldn't wake up...


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May 24, 2005

Earlier tonite, I came back upstairs to my computer(15" PB) I try to wake it up, no such luck, then I noticed something strange. The hard disk was obviously still running, (I could heard it). No sleep indicator light. No button would make it respond, tried closing and opening the lid. Unplug power cord. Nothing worked. I called my friend who his an Apple user as well, he said to just take out the battery and reboot, and all is well. Anyone ever have an experience like this?


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Mar 31, 2005
xFU3Lx said:
So no clue what causes it?
Same thing happened to mine, except it never woke up even after I took out the battery. Turned out that the logic board was bad and i had to send it in for repair.


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Apr 15, 2004
Same thing

Same thing happens to me, but MUCh more frequently. The computer sounds like its running, even the caps lock light turns on and off, but the computer doesn't wake up! So aggravating. Maybe it IS my logic board? This happens so much, I'm actually afraid to close my laptop because I'm sure 60% of the time, it won't wake up and I'll lsoe any information I had.

And sometimes, when I try to reboot, it freezes while it loads up my OS. I don't have any crazy 3rd party software that's been proven to cause this either... I have applcare warranty - that should cover it right?