PowerLine+ Lightning Nylon Braided Cable

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by cyberhound, Jul 1, 2017.

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    Several days ago, I got a red PowerLine+ Lightning Nylon Braided Cable from Anker as a sample. I have a 3ft version, and this one is the 6ft version. I have had the 3ft version for about a year and a half and it has served me well. It travels with me and has held up well being rolled up in a backpack hundreds of times, as well as used out in the field on portable batteries and in hotels. It has taken a lot of abuse and still looks brand new. Based on how well the 3ft version has held up, this one went to my daughter who has chewed through numerous 6ft cords over the last couple of years, always breaking them near where the lightning end fits into the phone since. I have seen her break one in less than a week. So far, so good. A week is a short time, but so far, I don't see the tell-tell crimp in the cable that I usually see in a few days with her.

    Since this was advertised as a 6 ft cable, I measured it. And it came in as promised at just a tick over 6 ft.

    Anker claims MFi certification, and that's the case here as well. Charges the phone or iPad just fine with no warning messages.

    The Lightning end has a compact adapter head that fit in various iPhone 6 cases, iPad cases, and 2 iPhone 7 cases with smaller openings. So, this will probably work with whatever protection you have for you device as well.

    Lastly, Anker claims you can charge your phone with speed. I don't think that means it will charge any quicker, and I certainly can't say we observed any quick charging.

    All in all, if you are looking for a Lightning cable with a good length to it and a great price, this should fit your bill. And, you should be able to get it in a color that goes with your phone (Red, Gray or White). In fact I went and ordered a second one in the dark gray color that I put in my car. The dark gray blends in well with the interior. I ran it from the charger on bottom the center console up under the dash and around the door seal up to where I have my car mount. I had a good 11 inches of cable left.

    Top off all that with Anker's 18 month warranty and customer service and you can't go wrong. They make great products and if there ever is an issue, they are quick to resolve it. The first product I ever purchased from them had an issue, and within 2 days, I had a replacement product at my door. Since that time, I have had no other issues with their products, but I know if I do, they will stand behind it.

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    I use one too. Tremendously tough cable. Only real downside is how stiff it can be. Sometimes I need to rotate my phone a few times when plugged in to untwist the cable.
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    Unless you want a lifetime warranty in which case the Powerline II is the way to go.

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