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    I am not all all pleased with Powerlogix. Here is my story...

    Early in 2003, I thought up the idea of buying a used Power Mac G4 AGP/Sawtooth, upgrade it, and have myself a pretty respectable machine. I opted for a 450 mhz model from Macofalltrades.com. I built it up with a Radeon 8500, USB 2 card, Linksys 802.11G pci card, a Western Digital 7200 rpm drive, and a Powerlogix Powerforce series 100 daughtercard at 1.4 ghz. I got the card as a birthday present on October of 2003. Mac OS X.3 at the time.

    It suffered from the coma condition, and would not wake from sleep. With the original card it was fine. I asked Powerlogix about it through their online support, and they said they didn't have a fix yet. I kept asking them about every month, and eventually by July 2004, they said they had a fix, and I could ship my card in to them.

    By August 23, 2004, they received my card. They said that there was about a 2 week wait, and apologized. To make it short, they shipped a card back out to me on 2-28-2005. That's around 6 months. A computer without a brain. I wasn't relying on my Power Mac or anything, since I have a PowerBook G3 PDQ, a 500 mhz Tibook, and an iMac G4. But still...I kept after them about it too. The bad thing was that they kept saying next week, or in a few weeks, or in two weeks, etc. See it for yourself below...

    Powerlogix support

    So I finally get this new card. 1.5 ghz this time. With the programmer's button I installed the patches provided by Powerlogix to work with the new processor card. This processor card ran fine for a week, but is now locking up hard. Sometimes it'll kernel panic and sometimes just lock up hard enough to stop the clock. It would reboot fine though, but now, it's dead. Upon pressing the power button, the light turns on, the fans turn on, and the hard drive spins up but nothing displayed, no startup tone, and no hard drive activity at all. I put the old 450 mhz card in and it boots fine. I switched back to the old card (maybe it needed to be re-seated or something) but still wouldn't boot at all. I swapped both card several times, and the Powerlogix card always had the fault.

    I've zapped the PRAM and pressed the little button on the motherboard by the backup battery, which itself was replaced a couple weeks ago. Just preventive maintenance.

    I'm not an idiot with computers either. My first OS was Windows 3.1 when I was about 6, and that was current software back then. I have the other Macs now, am trained in general electronics repair, and am going into A+ certification training.

    So, I am sending this dead card back. I don't want to. With my awful experiences with Powerlogix, I would much rather them give me my money back so I can give it to Sonnet or Gigadesigns or Newer tech. The customer service shown by Powerlogix is not acceptable at all. I have created a new case number with them to ship my card back. I will keep you posted on it.

    Any questions or comments on this situation? Thank you.
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    Check this out...

    BBB report

    If they start making up stories about not having the card again, I'm going to take this to a high level...

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