PowerMac 4400/200: OS install issues. Help!

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by PowerMac G4 MDD, Aug 2, 2014.

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    So I bought a PowerMac 4400/200 recently and wanted to get the OS installed on it. I tried a MacOS 8 disc and the computer booted from it, but every time, during installation, an error happens that forces me to cancel the installation. I tried an iMac MacOS 8.6 install disc and it said that my computer won't work with the disc. I then tried a MacOS 9.2 disc and, again, I get a message saying that my computer won't work with it. What's going on here? This isn't very usual... Usually Macs just work and that's it. I guess the closest things to Windows PCs that aren't Windows PCs are 1990s Macs. Anyone have a clue?:confused:
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    I believe that 9.1 is the latest supported by that model, so that explains why 9.2 won't boot. An iMac copy of 8.6 won't work on a Power Mac.

    As for OS 8, I'm not sure what the problem is there. What is the exact error message? The CD drive is probably getting on a bit by now so you may want to try another if you have one. Failing that, duplicating the CD onto a CD-R may help (in my experience Verbatim CD-Rs work pretty well with older drives - the recording surface is a dark colour and these seem to work better than light colours with older drives).

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