Powermac 8500 A/V card

Discussion in 'Apple Collectors' started by macEfan, Mar 14, 2006.

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    After my powermac 8500 died years ago, a saved the A/V card from it. It has svideo , TV out, sound in/out, etc. I want to put it in a PM 9600. Will this work? Not sure if it will or not. Will i need some drivers for it, or does Mac OS 9 have those built in?

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    I believe you are referring to the "wings" personality card. It should swap over just fine. I have bounced those around beige G3 minitowers and desktops without issue. No drivers should be needed. Everything should be in the OS.
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    Aug 2, 2004
    The problem is that there is no physical way to connect the AV module to a 9600's logic board. The 9500/9600 series were never intended to use these.

    On the other hand, the module can be used in 7300/7500/7600/8500/8600 series systems as all of them have a compatible AV ribbon connector on their logic boards. Specifically, it can be used to upgrade systems that have modules missing audio/video connectors (7500/7600) or systems without the module altogether (7300).

    The I/O Cards for the Beige G3s (both Mini Tower and Desktop) are quite different than the earlier AV modules (though both make use of the system's onboard VRAM for video capture), and can not be swapped between the G3s and earlier models.

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