Powermac 9500!


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Apr 7, 2005
I was walking downtown when I notice a computer sitting on the street corner. Curious as I am, I noticed it was a powermac 9500. Everyone who knows these knows that they could cost up to $10,000 when new in 1995 :D

Not being able to carry it as well as the box of stuff I was already carrying, I had to pass it by. I thought to myself, if it is still there when I come back ( 4 hours later) I'll take it home. I highly doubted this machine would still be there, but amazingly it was!

When I take it home, I hear something rattling around inside. Great, I bet it has no ram/hard drive/processor.

It turns out the fan was just loose! The computer was upgraded a lot too...

the specs were:
g3 300mz newtech upgrade
2x 2gb scsi hard drives
192mb ram

Not bad for the price of $0.00!

Now to the question... I want to make it look like os X. Any suggestions on where to get the aqua template and a shareware third-party dock? I think this machine will end up being used for a garage server if I ever get around to it....


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May 5, 2007
The highest OS these babies could handle is 9.1 (Even if it has a G3 upgrade card, only macs with g3's built in can handle 9.2 +). 9.1 is better than os x on these machines anyways.

A-Dock for os 9 works nice. and kaleidoscope is like shapeshifter for os x.


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Aug 17, 2005
Springfield Ohio
my friend has a kaleidoscope theme (that he made) that looks allot like OS X.

here is one screenshot

i have a different version that looks more like jag with most of the same as his you see there (that he also made). his is of a more newer version of OS X panther or tiger. it has clear drop-down menu's, as you can see the text has a clear background. and the HDD icons are not stock.

i think it looks allot better than most of the OS X ones available. these you can only get from me or him.

sorry if the Pic is to big


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Aug 11, 2005
Behind the lens
Thats kind of eerie.

There was a yard sale this weekend where they were selling the same thing.

Though, i dont think it was free, it did have everything with it!


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Aug 5, 2004
a profane existence
congrats on the find.

It's sad for me when I see these computers dumped in the trash bin.

Have the decency to recycle it plz. Or leave it out w/a free sign where someone might pick it up.


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Aug 17, 2005
Springfield Ohio
Have the decency to recycle it plz. Or leave it out w/a free sign where someone might pick it up.
the bad thing is some people dont care and just throw them out and dont even bother to see if some one might want it cause they think its to old.its a sad thing cause allot of computers meet there end like this and they can still provide a function to someone somewhere. plus when you just throw them away they ( like what was said above) can hurt the environment and other things, most people dont even know there are computer places that will take old equipment to salvage the parts to sell or to resell the system if it works, or like goodwill does

but anyway good find. around here i have never seen a computer sitting out like that or by a garbage pickup or in a dumpster. i have friends that have picked up computers that way around here but i have yet to run across one


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Jul 10, 2007
The PM9500 was the first Mac I had. My friend found a guy selling it for 100PLN (equivalent of about $35), without even knowing what exactly it was. I bought it and when carried home, I realised I have done the best deal of my life so far - it had an XLR8 MACh Speed G3/400 CPU card, 256MB RAM and a 4GB SCSI drive...

This was in 2003, and the Mac was working for me up till 2005, when I changed it to Beige G3.


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Jun 16, 2004
Great find!!! I remember the 9500... was the coolest mac at a stage... I remember in high school I drooled over them...

Wow i feel old all of a sudden... :D
I rememeber drooling over them, but only being able to afford a 7500...


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Aug 11, 2003
San Francisco, CA
I remember I had a 9500 a few years ago. I had mine running:
Mac OS 8.5
Mac OS X DP 1

The only thing bad about the 9500 is its case. It is a flakey case to begin withy and hard to add and remove stuff. Eventually mine got to the point where it was a pain. But I do remember back in '95 when they cost a small fortune.
I remember the 9600 having a much better case.