Powermac G3 Gossamer good for anything?


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Mar 17, 2005
My dad has a Powermac G3 sitting in a closet at work that nobody has used in several years, and asked me if I had any use for it. I assume it would work fairly well as a server or just as a storage box to back up files. I'm not sure what the cpu speed is. I've looked into them and it appears that the maximum RAM is 768MB, so no problem there. I also saw at apple-history.com that the newest OS it can handle is 10.2.8.

I'm just wondering if I'm under/over estimating what I can use it for and any experience with the machine that others might have.


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Because it 1) runs OS 9 and 2) has both IDE and SCSI busses
I use mine quite extensively as a testbed/file recovery system. It's a lot easier to get into than the PowerMac 8500 :eek:
I put a Firewire/USB card into it so I can attach to just about anything - FW, USB, Serial, ADB, IDE, SCSI. I just popped an old Radeon 7000 PCI card in and it can run the Dell 2005FPW in widescreen :D
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