Powermac G4 not turning on

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by zazenx, May 19, 2008.

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    Sep 12, 2004
    I have an old powermac G4 dual 1.42
    the other day I decided to power it up to update it and it would not turn on. I push the power button it lights briefly and goes out. The light stays on if I hold the button down. The fan does not come on nor any noise from inside the case, etc. I have reset the pram , that little button, and I have replaced the battery, I have searched for the problem but nothing seems to fit my exact case. Any help would be appreciated. It's not my main computer and I am no where near an apple store and I'd rather fix the problem myself instead of paying an arm and leg for apple to repair it.
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    PPPPPowersupply. Its common in MDDs. Let it sit for a few days. She might come back.
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    Aug 21, 2007
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    something to check..

    Hi there,

    I would unplug the big connector on the motherboard, straighten the cable out a little bit and reseat the connector. Before you do that, check the small metal pins inside the connector. Sometimes there could be connection problem, - usually when the machine was completely apart.
    Did you disassemble your machine lately?
    Check also the power outlet, maybe your fuse is gone. Check on different power outlets.
    When the machine is open, smell the psu if you can detect any burning smell that might have occured.

    If you cant figure it out, you can buy a replacement PSU for the MDD on ebay. Since Apple had a PSU replacement program, it should be no problem to get one for a small price. You can with a little effort exchange the PSU on you own. If you go for that option, see that you get a new and less noisy version instead of the original loud one inside the G4 dual 1,25.
    Many exchanged that PSU, so you sure get a working one; however you might end up with the louder replaced version. That would be still good since technology has improved so much and you can exchange the fans as well.

    I still use my 1,42 as main machine. The Raptor HD as a start up disk did the trick for me... Its a damn good machine!

    Good luck !!

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