PowerMac G4 performance comparison


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Hello all,

I was wondering how this computer would perform (and how reliable it is)? It is a Dual G4 867MHz PM w/ 2 GB RAM.

I could couple it w/ 1 or 2 studio 17"s for around $200 each, and it seems like it would perform at least as well as my current 1.5GHz Powerbook does - but perhaps I am wrong?

So I'm curious, how does this computer stack up, and to what extent can I upgrade its video card to allow it to play games (or will it be so CPU limited that attempting such is a fool's errand?).



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Apr 16, 2005
Mt. Prospect, Illinois
depends on what u want to use the computer for...that dual g4 should beat ur powerbook, but I'm not sure about it...I would bid on any computer with 2 gigs of ram in it...See how much the auction goes up..BID!!


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Mar 20, 2005
I do crazy multitasking on my quicksilver which is a 933Mhz single processor and it never even throws me a beachball. For example, yesterday, iDVD was encoding a movie and burning it while I was listening to internet radio in iTunes, browsing MR, using Mail, dashboard a few times, and was working in Photoshop/Imageready/Flash. All these apps were open at the same time. With 768MB RAM that is amazing. I can't imagine how it would would work with 2GB.