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Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by mklos, Jan 16, 2005.

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    Does anyone know if you have to buy the PowerMac G5 and the display at the same place to get the AppleCare extended warranty on both? I know you have to buy them at the same time, but do you have to buy them from the same place?

    For example, If I bought a PowerMac G5 from MacMall, and then bought the display with the educational discount on Apple's Store can I get both the PowerMac and the Display under the same warranty or do I have to pay $249 twice?
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    From the AppleCare page:

    Comprehensive coverage
    The AppleCare Protection Plan covers your Mac, as well as an AirPort Card, an AirPort Base Station, and Apple RAM purchased for your Mac. Power Mac and PowerBook customers can also enroll one Apple display for coverage, provided the Mac and display are purchased together.

    I think you're SOL but a call to them is certainly worth it.
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    Yep, you are SOL. I bought my G5 at the Apple store and they failed to tell me that I needed to buy the monitor then to qualify for the AppleCare on both. Went back the following week to the same girl in the Apple store, who was actually the Manager, bought the monitor and she confirmed that I was SOL.

    I was pretty pissed that she didn't inform me of this the first time around but just had to draw it all up to "crapple".. :( I did however get the AppleCare on ebay for 99 bucks and it is covering my coveted G5. So it all wasn't bad...not great...but not bad either.
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    My situation worked out better. I bought a Powerbook in 2003. Right afterwards I found out abt the same-time purchase rule. I returned to my Apple store 9 days after my puchase, and explained my situation. The let me return my Powerbook, gave me an apple gift card for the full value of my Powerbook. 1 minute later they let me repurchase my exact same Powerbook with the gift card and a 20in Cinema Display on my Visa. This allowed them to put the two items on the same bill, allowing for my future Apple Care purchase to cover both my Powerbook and Cinema Display

    My advice, talk to the manager.

    Good Luck

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