PowerMac G5 Problems...


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May 1, 2005
New York City
I have a two week old PowerMac Dual 2.7 GHz G5. It is running OS 10.4.1 with all other software updates.

Today, while I was capturing some video with Final Cut Pro HD my monitors suddenly went black and the computer would not respond. I had to hold the power button to shut down. I booted back up and tried to capture again with the same result. I turned off and unpluged the computer and waited about one hour. I booted into Tiger and let it sit for a while to see if it happened again and it did not.

I then started to put together a iPhoto slidshow for work. I got the slideshow finished and then went to export it to iDVD. While exporting the screens went black again and I needed to hold the power button down again. This time the computer would not boot. The light is lit on the tower but there is no image on my monitors and no power to my mouse or keyboard. There was no start up chime either.

I uplugged all devices from the computer (except mouse and keyboard) with no luck. The computer will still not boot. I then removed the USB2 and FireWire card's I installed but the computer would still not boot. I have now removed the 2GB's of RAM I bought from Crucial. So all that is in the computer now is what came with it. Please note that all of the hardware I added has been working for the past week and a half.

What should I do. Is there anything I can do before calling Apple?


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I think this is going to be a warranty situation...

Try booting holding down the Command Option P R keys

If you got the Apple Hardware Test CD and can boot from that, then run it repeatedly on the base Apple configuration if you can.

If it passes, then add your RAM back, and run it again.

Bu sudden catastrophic failure like this is almost always hardware or power related.


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Jun 10, 2005
I had a similar thing happen with my PC.
I dont know if this is what is happening with you, but maybe...
So the problem with my computer was the video card.
The inside of the computer case was getting too hot and my video card fan warped and the card got to hot and had to shut down the computer.

The video card was broken and unusable, but as soon as I replaced it, my computer worked perfectly. (I also added another fan to the case).

I had the same problem you were having, and all the same symptoms.

So if I had to guess, the video card would be the problem, but I think it should be under warranty regardless.