PowerMac G5 Problems


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Sep 2, 2004
Boston, Massachusetts
Hi Gang,

A Couple of questions for your regarding my new powermac.

1. I burned a DVD off all my Music on my PowerBook, then took the DVD and loaded all the Music on the G5 without Problems.

2. I plug my iPod in, and it asks "this is linked to another library, blah blah blah" I click OK, so it can be associated with the G5 now. Copying is going fine, then all of a sudden it stops at the 65th song. Brings up some error message saying that copying to the iPod has failed. Ok. So I reset the iPod, that doesn't work, and it still freezes at song 65 and fails.

Is this the PowerMac or the iPod causing the problems? It works FINE on the PowerBook.

Last Question: I enabled Disk use on my iPod so I could put my iPhoto Library onto the iPod and transfer all my photos to the G5. That also Stalled, and failed.

Any ideas??
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