PowerMac G5 SATA Controller Issue + Dead HDD

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by ajwgeek, Jul 4, 2012.

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    Jul 4, 2012
    Hey everyone,
    I have known for a little while now that my PowerMac G5's sata controller was pretty bad. Sometimes it wouldn't boot at all. It would just stay at the ? icon. Anyway, that lasted for a couple years. So, last week I got my first ever kernel panic on the machine. I thought nothing of it, my install of OS X was old. I had lots of 3rd party software. So last night I had a friend over and my brother came down and flipped the breaker on my room to be a total pain in the neck. I tried turning on my G5 and I got the click of death. I am not sure if my broken sata controller is the cause. I know the hard drive itself is dead, I threw it in my PC and it did the same thing. Could the broken sata controller have killed the drive? I never thought to swap out the logic board and now I am a bit fearful. I had all my music and work related stuff on there. I had a backup of my work related stuff but it is actually a couple weeks old so I am missing quite a bit of code. I only back up once a month. I just threw my HDD in the freezer. I took it out after about 5 hours and I am not sure whether to plug it in or not. It is almost 115 degrees outside and condensation stars forming before I can get it in a zip locked bag and plugged in. So, should I even risk plugging in another drive? This is the second drive that has failed in that machine. My only option would be to install OS X on my SSD but I think that might be too expensive to risk trying. Anyone here have any thoughts? I might end up just gutting it and throwing PC parts in it.
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    How do you know from the Windows box that the drive is dead? To most users, a Mac formatted hard drive will appear to be dead.
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    Dead HDD

    I know it is dead because it clicks when I turn on the Windows box as well. When I booted into Windows 7 on that machine, I downloaded MacDrive 7 and rebooted. Then, I looked for GUID/Mac Ext. Jorunaled Drives and found none. In the PC BIOS it shows up as a 8mb drive when its a 1TB drive. I am still thinking my faulty SATA Controller/Mobo is what killed it

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