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    Oct 22, 2013
    So here I am, tinkering around with old second hand powerpc macs, which you can buy fairly cheap second hand. I traded my ppc Mac mini G4, for a G5 Powermac. The G4 was not able to cope with the ever increasing task of being my server.

    Many people consider the G4 a much better server system because of its small size and low power consumption. My Mac mini sported a 40GB IDE drive. Which was not up to my satisfaction. The cable clutter of adding external drives was something i'd rather not have. I needed internal disks, many of them. Next to that: Memory of 1GB became a concern.

    The G5 powermac features a 2disk, harddisk bay. 2 Sata disks is nice but I figured that I could make it even a little better. So, I went on google and found 2 things. First; There are plenty of mods to be made with a G5 casing, second I found that there are people who split the IDE cable to the DVD unit, and put another hard drive on top of the DVD unit.

    This got me thinking...
    My g5 never uses the dvd unit so its a waste of space, and a waste of resources.
    I removed the DVD unit, bought a replacement for the IDE cable with a master AND a slave connection, and an Y-molex cable.

    So here is my project:
    I have a powermac G5(10.4.11) which hosts my email (postfix) and about 8-9 websites. A few static pages, a few wordpress installations for friends. Owncloud, andsoforth.

    Internally: I have the 1.8 GHZ model, which is nice. Not to powerful, but also a little more economic when power consumption comes to mind.
    I had some spare memory laying around. Combined it is about 4,5 GB. I learned that you have to mirror the memory cards in the upper and lower slots. The machine will take the lowest of 2 memory cards when you put 2 of different capacity in place. I ended up with having 4GB, since my last slot is filled with a 1024 and 512MB card.

    For disks:
    In the upper drive bay I have a 160GB Laptop drive which hosts the OS
    In the lower drive bay I have 1/2 of a striped raid set
    In the place where the dvd unit used to go I have 2/2 of the striped raid set.
    Combined it is about 500GB (I know striped is not safe so I'll explain later).
    I'm waiting on my last IDE drive to come in. I plan on having the 4th drive a bootable copy of the OS drive.

    I chose for a striped raid for speed. All the website of my friends are on the raid drive and also my downloads and back-up from my macbook are being written to that raid set. This comes in handy when at the same time: 1I backup my macbook, 2my sister streams her favorite movie from the server and 3my friend thinks it is necessary to upload a photo album to his website. The raid is fast enough to read and write it all down.

    Vuze (which i use for downloads) stores a copy of the torrent file on the OS drive. So in case I lose my raid set due to hard disk failure, i can download all files again by selecting the copy of the torrent.
    The websites are being backed upped to the OS drive at night. So again in case of hard drive failure I have a copy ready to go.
    The backups of my macbook, are also on the RAID. I expect/hope that my laptop will not fail at the same time as my raid set. In case it does, there is a copy of the DOCUMENTS folder on the OS drive. So I have most things Double.

    I have to wait 2 more days before the last drive arrives. I have been able to play music trough the DVD unit AND be make the raid set work at the same time. So I expect no problems when I have 2 hard drives on the IDE cable.

    Apple design?
    To house the Hard disks i made a bracket out of wood. (will add pictures).
    I screwed the studs from the DVD unit in the wood, so it slits right into place. The top side i used double sided duct tape with foam in the middle. I don't plan on moving the server around that much. When I do i want the disks not to slide all over te G5. So i think double sided tape does what I want.


    I googled a lot before I got this setup working. And I snooped around many fora, here is my contribution to the world wide web. So I encourage you to ask me any questions.

    Whether it is about web serving, own cloud, mailserver or putting to much HDD's in your mac.

    Ps Excuse me when my language is not all that brilliant. Im not a native english speaker. Oh and also im no IT guy, just hobby.

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  2. rocknrotty macrumors member

    Oct 14, 2006

    I have a MDD 1ghz was thinking to do the same sort of thing what software are u running.
    All i want to do is run a media server for my smart tv and backup for my laptops 2-MBP's
    Not really sure where to start
  3. Pepper030 thread starter macrumors newbie

    Oct 22, 2013
    I run carbon copy cloner for backups. On my MBP im able to back up to a network drive. (Thus the server) And on the server itself also ccc. It is scheduled to make backups at night. And a backup of the OS DRIVE every eight hours.

    For media to tv Im not sure. I dont own a tv. So i just connect to the fileserver and watch with VLC. For downloads however VUZE for 10.4 is a good solition.

    Oh and for managing shared folders And users I use sharepoints. Which is an smb / afp server

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