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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by fruitpunch36, Jun 14, 2010.

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    Dec 21, 2009
    I've been doing business with PowerMax lately. They gave a me a quote on my PowerBook G4 with 2 batteries, original discs, and great cosmetic condition and they were giving me $495 for it. I thought that was reasonable so I shipped it to them last week. I'm planning to get an iPad for the money they're gonna give me, but after they said it would take 6 weeks for them to check my computer, I thought that was unreasonable, so I asked them how I can get it earlier. They said I can buy it ahead of time and they would just credit my credit card when they're done checking my computer. I think that they would give me my quoted value since I packaged it very carefully, checked both of the batteries to see if they hold a 2 hour charge, and cleaned it off. I just wanted to know if anyone's had prior experience with PowerMax and they gave you the quoted value.
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    My last 4 computers I purchased from PowerMax with trade ins. Except for 1 ADC monitor they have always have paid me the quoted value.

    Yes, you have to be patient on them evaluating your laptop. Your not the only person sending in hardware for evaluation. It has taken them up to 6 weeks each time I traded a computer in. I ordered my last imac with them and had it delivered to me while I waited for a credit for the G4 tower I sent them.

    All worked just fine, except for the ADC, which I ended up selling on eBay.
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    Did they give you a reason why they weren't giving you the quoted value on the ADC monitor?

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