PowerPC 8100/100 backup and exchange

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by AdamWykrota, Nov 15, 2011.

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    Nov 15, 2011
    Dear All forum members
    I'm new to mac, some question may be obvius for You, but

    we got with an old lab machine a computer compatible with it, which is PowerPc8100/100

    question firs:
    equipement is quite expensive and without this PPC useless
    I'd like to make discdup (there is one software for running this machine), but in old one there is no terminal
    there is, however, a network connection, but on BNC; if some one of You have rescuecd on PPC (this one has CD drive) or direct me where i cant find it
    then it would be possible
    if there is no rescuecd, then HD is on SCSI, right?, so I'll need a SCSI matrix for buckuping whole HD

    question 2nd:
    can I exchange mentioned computer with a newer one and/or with newer OS, but would be possible to run this particular software

    PPC has an extension card, which allows comunicating with a lab machine
    pls help
    many thanks in advance
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    Feb 13, 2009
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    (1) The "Backupcd" your looking for is actually a copy of the Classic Mac OS (And you'd need separate copies of all the software on the machine) - Otherwise your looking for backup programs for Mac OS 7.5/7.6/8.0/8.1/8.5/8.6/9.0/9.1 (Select Apple > About this Macintosh/Computer to find out which system version your using - then we can find appropriate backup software for you, although given this machine dates from 1994, this is unlikely unless its running OS 8 or later, and even then might be a stretch).
    And yes, its HDD is SCSI (Im pretty sure its 50-pin NOT 68-pin)
    (2) If your lab equipment requires a add-in board, that is compatible with the PowerMac 8100/100, then it will NOT be possible to get this to work with any newer Mac, as the 8100/100 is a NuBus based Macintosh, and all newer Macs are PCI or its derivatives.
    If, however, it connects to a standardised port, and you can find a PCI Card with the port, it may be possible to move the lab machine to a newer Mac, with PCI that supports Mac OS 9 natively (The last version of the Classic Mac OS, with relatively good compatibility). The latest of these is a PowerMac G4 MDD from 2003 (About a decade newer than the 8100.

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