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  1. ftlum macrumors regular

    Oct 24, 2011
    Hi All. I just ordered a Powersupport Crystal screen protector. Will doing a wet install with Powersupport protectors work? I had a really hard time getting rid of the dust and aligning things correctly when I installed the screen protector on my iPhone-- I'm hoping a wet install will be easier for the iPad.

    thanks in advance,

  2. glen e macrumors 68030

    Jun 19, 2010
    Ft Lauderdale
    no...do some reading and do it in a humid environment (shower) - PS does not do a wet install....call them....
  3. donnaw macrumors 65816

    Apr 19, 2011
    Austin TX
    Here's what I do.
    1). Clear the area around you. I use the kitchen table. Make sure there are no 'linty' things laying near. Wipe the table down, that sort of thing.

    2). Have your clean microfiber cloth there and some scotch tape handy.

    3). Clean your screen thoroughly. I wet one tip of the cloth, wipe the screen throughy, dry with the other end. It's important to use a cloth that doesn't carry lint. This is where most folks go wrong. A nice, clean, microfiber works best. But making sure it doesn't have any lint is the key.

    4). Take out your PS protector. Peel down the end that goes on the Home Button. Only peel down an inch or two. Line everything up and then slowly begin to unroll the backing it and laying it on the screen, smoothing as you go. IF you see any lint, lift the screen protector and touch the lint with the tape.

    I've been putting screen protectors on since 2004 or so and PS are by far the easiest to use. I put my last one on in about 30 secs. The key is to set everything up first, and have a really good cloth. Just take your time, you'll get it on.
  4. heyyitzmelissa macrumors 6502

    Jan 17, 2012
    It uses static cling so wet install is not advisable.
  5. xraytech macrumors 68030

    Mar 24, 2010
  6. Psycho Mantis macrumors member

    Feb 19, 2012
    Dry install every time.

    Don't be afraid of getting dust on the screen protector.

    Use scotch tape to remove dust on the screen, and the protector. Problem solved.
  7. CH34P3T macrumors regular

    Aug 28, 2009
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    I just did a wet install today. Makes it easier to align everything.
  8. laurenr macrumors 6502a

    Jan 9, 2008
    This method really does work. Do a search on uTube for PS installation, and you'll find a demo.
  9. takeshi74 macrumors 601

    Feb 9, 2011
    Tried the shower trick?

    Does not require a wet install != cannot be wet installed.

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