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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Beksuki, Aug 14, 2006.

  1. Beksuki macrumors newbie

    Aug 11, 2006
    This is the same machine as from where I posted in an earlier thread... It has OS 9.1 on the harddisk (the highest it will support). Now, it gives the disk with a questionmark sign at startup :(

    I don't have the OS cdrom, and so I made (with much much trouble) an OS 8.1 bootable diagnostic floppy, hoping it would work. It boots, but then after the taskbar at the top appears, stops loading completely. It load for a different HDD that had os 8.5 (or thereabouts) on it :confused:

    Any advice would be much appreciated, I'm really starting to think it might not be fixable, again, for the reason of not having the OS 9.1 disk. I had only hoped it was some simple HDD error that could be fixed by that diagnostic disk... so if only I could get it to boot, because this HDD has a much larger drive than the other (therefore moredesirable; the other is a puny 40 MBs)

    :confused: :confused:
  2. dpaanlka macrumors 601


    Nov 16, 2004
    Try removing any external drives and NuBus cards (if they're present). Also, try booting from the floppy disk with extensions disabled (by holding down shift). If it can't boot, how do you know it has 9.1 on it?

    Also, if I recall correctly those 8.1 floppies are not able to see Mac OS Extended hard drives, because they're not really 8.1 floppies, but rather the old 8.0 floppies that were leftover on the CD.

    BTW, it's not called the Taskbar, but rather the Menu Bar. It does not function in the same way as the Windows Taskbar.
  3. Beksuki thread starter macrumors newbie

    Aug 11, 2006
    I put OS 9.1 on it from the cd, which I no longer have. I'll try what you mentioned when I can, removing all the accessories.

    That might be the problem though, the 8.1 (/8.0) disk not reading NFS Extended drives, because I probably went ahead and used it, not knowing the problems with backward compadability... is there anything else I could possibly use to boot it, without having to buy a new os disk or something third-party?
  4. Beksuki thread starter macrumors newbie

    Aug 11, 2006
    Well, so basically, does anyone know a way to boot a NFS+ HHD with OS9 on it, and without the original disk? I would think it would be possible ...

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