PQI Airdrive & Seagate Satellite on Ipad2

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    Jan 28, 2008
    Hi, I've just boight a PQI Air Drive & Seagate Satellite yesterday but cant play certain movie files on my ipad2 (which was the whole point in getting them as I travel a lot and wanted to leave the macbook plus various HD's back home)

    The Air Drive plays MP4 files fine but wont play AVI (big pain as most of my films are in AVI)

    Seagate plays MP4, and some AVI but most either play with no sound, play with a delay in the picture but no sound or just wont play at all.

    I'm using the following apps but still cant find one that streams from the devices and plays AVI files ok

    Buzz Player
    8 Player

    O Player HD (cant figure this one out at all!!)

    Can anyone please help guys? :( The only solution I can think is convert all my avi files to mp4...that'll take weeks!! :eek:

    Thanks Dave
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    Jan 28, 2008

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