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    Greetings MacRumors POWER PC FANS!

    Sadly due to my location being in Canada I can't get new PRAM batteries for my macs... I tried OWC And they wanted $27 shipping, Amazing they wanted $20 shipping and my local "the source" store wanted $21 + tax and this was their "Clearance" price. And since I'm really short on cash and wanted to get my macs to hold time i decided to make my own.

    My first post i showed the tangerine G3 that i have below with 2 Double A's adding up to 3Volts and it held time. Sadly though The holders to these batteries where a little big and i placed them under the DVD rom drives. But it was really tight and i did not like the way it was seated under there!

    So when i was at work i found a new Motherboards at the back of the shop and though, the CMOS batteries for PC's are 3Volts too. I grabbed a few boards un soldered the Battery holders for the 3 Volt batteries grabbed a few used batteries that all had 3v and took them soldered some power button cables to them and then to the imacs.

    I then used a hot glue gun to glue the bottom of the battery holder to avoid a short circuit. So i put a layer of glue there to prevent that and then after it dried i put another layer and as shown below glued it to the CD-Rom/Hard drive caddy. Now i have both G3's holding time by Beige G3 is next along with my EMac.

    It looks good and clean i can easily replace the battery if needed and it holds on. What do you guys think?
    EDIT: the first photo Left is my G3 before i put the new button battery in. the right is the Indigo Imac with the finished product. Sadly i didnt photograph the same machine. The bottom is the motherboard that i got the holder from.

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    Note that you should only solder it or use alligator clips. Don't warp the wire around the connectors as this causes a flickering current which causes problems. I think that's how one of my RAM in my beige G3 broke. Also it has a poor connection. Always solder or use alligator clips at least.

    You soldered it so yours is good.
    You can make it even better; un-solder the old battery clip and solder in your new battery clip; instead of soldering the new clip to the contacts of the old clip.
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    Indeed i soldered both sides of the connection. I had a vice at work where i placed the battery holder i did twist the cables around the ends and then soldered them on. I simply used glue to seal off the connection as said to avoid being short circuited. I didnt show or mention but once secured to the imac i actually wrapped a layer of yellow electric tape around the battery just in case if fell of it wouldnt kill my beautiful imac.

    I was thinking of that. being only 19 i'd say im pretty good with the soldering iron, but im no professional. but to my surprise it turned out very well. But right now im not at home and I wanted the originality left on the Imac. Maybe i will do it to the 350Mhz Indigo no firewire model. As i absolutely LOVE my tangerine 400Mhz model.

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