Pre-ordered 2 iphone 4g's...will this work?

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    Ok, so I do not know much about the new Iphone 4's mircosim card...but would like to know how this would work:

    My brother pre-ordered me an Iphone 4 at Bestbuy today and at the same time, I pre-ordered one from Apple. I wanted to get my boyfriend the new Iphone for his birthday this month (he already has AT&T, but would've had to pay full price for the upgrade), and was wondering if I could activate the phone my brother pre-ordered for me through bestbuy, and give the iphone that was pre-ordered through Apple to my boyfriend and have him take it to AT&T to have it activated to his plan.

    Will he be able to do this since the Iphone 4 ships unactivated? He is willing to renew his contract with AT&T. I was told that AT&T could transfer your sim card into a microsim card and have it inserted in the iphone 4.

    Any thoughts? or answers? Thank you!!! :D
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    Yes, you can use your upgrade and have him take the phone and switch his sim into a microsim to work with the new iphone.

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