Pre-ordering and receiving the iPhone 4 question

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Simgar988, Jun 8, 2010.

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    If my 3GS is under my mother's name instead of mine, does she need to be present for any part of the process or am I able to do it by myself? Can I pre-order it online with my card? Can i pick it up from apple or ATT by myself or does the actual account holder have to?
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    If do it entirely online (have it delivered to your house instead of going to pick it up at the store), then you can be alone. However, if you are going into the store, you will most likely want to bring her along just in case.

    When I purchased one of my iPhone's, I went to Apple and they gave me trouble. I am an authorized user on the account (which they said prior would be okay), I had the account holder's last four social security digits, and I even printed the papers from my account to show that I was an authorized user.

    They still gave me trouble, even though I got the phone in the end. I have read on it that some Apple stores were not like that, and AT&T is better with it though.

    If you go alone, you need to be an authorized user on the account and the account holder's last four social security digits.

    Good luck!
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    As the other user said, previously, if you went to apple store, it was difficult if not impossible to get a phone from the Apple Store without being the primary account holder.

    No issues at the ATT store as long as you are an authorized user. I had to get my 3G and 3Gs at the apple store, but I am the primary account holder now.
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