Pre-ordering digital goods. Does it make sense?

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    I can see the logic of pre-ordering physical goods. You are putting your place in-line prior to the official sale date, to ensure that you get the product in case it is highly popular and sold out. Totally make sense as I have pre-ordered some items myself. The difference between pre-ordering and simply buying at release date can mean getting the item or not at all.

    But what's the point of pre-ordering digital goods? The product is digital. Whether I pre-order or not, let's say, a movie in iTunes, on release date, I can still buy and download it without worrying about iTunes selling out "copies" of it. It kinda make sense on Steam where the term is "pre-loading," meaning you can download the tens of gigabytes of the game data in advance (but you cannot play it until release date), so you don't have to wait for the game downloading on release date. But for movies or music? Does iTunes "pre-load" the movie if you pre-order it?
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    There used to be exclusive pre-order only bonuses you'd get with some albums. Not sure if anyone does that anymore.

    For the artist/label/studio/etc they're an easy way to get their stuff high in the charts on the day that new releases are known to come out and people are looking through them figuring out what to buy/stream next.
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    I have seen a few isolated cases where the pre-order price for a movie was less than the price on release day ($14.99 vs $19.99). So if you see a price you like, pre-ordering is a way to lock it in. It might also help to prevent forgetting about a movie you want to watch. Apart from that I agree, it doesn't really make a lot of sense.

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