Pre-paid to post paid without a contract


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Mar 14, 2006
Hey everyone,

I was using my iPhone on a pre-paid plan and decided it's best to go the post-paid route. So I went to my AT&T store today and said can you do this and he ran a credit check on my SSN and said OK you're all set. I came home and called them back up to add EDGE and early nights and weekends...but I never signed or agreed to anything. Does this mean I could get out of my two contract or does upgrading to this plan automatically put me in the two year contract boat?

I figured they would mention at least something about a two year contract...but I've never agreed to those terms to a rep, online, or on paper. This happen to anyone?


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Jul 1, 2007
Washington, DC
I'd call them back immediately (or tomorrow, seeing as it's Sunday) and ask. Whether you like it or not, I think you just signed yourself into a 2-year contract. AT&T doesn't offer post-paid service initially without one, AFAIK.


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Jan 4, 2007
Yeah they got you.

BUT you can cancel in the period due the that "test drive" provision. look into it