Pre-T2 macbook pro or 2019 macbook pro running Mojave for music production/live performance?


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Jan 16, 2020

I need to update an old dell that I badly gigged out of using Ableton, with a lot of cackling due to, I think DPC. Given how much of a pain it is to update Windows audio, and because FL works on Mojave (but dysfunctional on Catalina right now), and because I have experience with CoreAudio through my school, I'm considering Mac for the first time. Either that or a custom Audio PC. It seems to me though that the T2 chip causes a whole host of problems, from the whole USB2 drama to syncing with the server causing extra latency. (Also, I'm a techie and will probably try to dual boot Linux at some point if I can). If I go the Mac Route, my current gameplan is to find a MBP from 2017 or before and try to run 10.14.16 on it. Does anyone else doing music have a similar setup? How did it go? Thanks.

EDIT: I'm also open to using a 2019 MBP if there's known workarounds.
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