"Precise" Xeon Models in new MP?

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by kirkbross, Jan 8, 2008.

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    I called Apple to find out precisely which Xeos Apple is using in the new MP and after pulling up his cheat sheet, the rep replied "Harpertown." When I said, "Yeah, I know they're Harpertowns, but which ones?" he replied "It says here, 'Harpertown Xeon'. I said, "Okay, thank you, good bye"

    Has anyone been able to determine (with 100% certainty) which of the below Xeon models Apple is using?

    X5482 12MB 3.20 GHz 1600 MHz DP 150W
    X5472 12MB 3.00 GHz 1600 MHz DP 120W
    E5472 12MB 3.00 GHz 1600 MHz DP 80W
    E5462 12MB 2.80 GHz 1600 MHz DP 80W
    E5450 12MB 3.00 GHz 1333 MHz DP 80W
    X5450 12MB 3.00 GHz 1333 MHz DP 120W
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    Well, since the Mac Pros have 1600MHz buses that limits the number of choices significantly now doesn't it? From that list the only question is whether or not the 30Ghz option uses 80W or 120W, doesn't seem like much of an issue to me.
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    For sure the 3.2GHz is the X5482 because it is the only one. And for sure the 2.8GHz is the E5462 because it is the FSB1600 part.

    I am going to guess the 3.0GHz part will be the E5472 because it has the same TDP of the E5462, though someone seemed to imply that the X5472 was actually cheaper which might get Apple to use it since their cooling system can handle it (as the X5482 has a higher TDP).

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