Predict When Macs Will Have Blu-Ray


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Oct 28, 2003
When the drives don't cost $1000 each?

Maybe a BTO option but the prices need to come way way down before we see them as standard.


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There are a few PC manufacturers, Sony notably, that already include them. I think it's rather certain that Apple will use Blu-Ray over HD DVD, as they have officially endorsed the format (source ).

Also, Apple is on the Board of Directors of Blu Ray Disc (source )

Also, there's H.264 which links Apple and Blu Ray (source )

Are they a $1,000? I haven't seen the prices. If that's the consumer price, you have to remember that Apple could include it for less than that since it would be purchasing in volume.


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LOL, I was searching for another thread, and just happened upon this one I created...guess I was way off in my guess, blu ray adoption seems less important now I suppose in some ways with the way distribution of media is changing, but I still think as a matter of convenience for both storage and viewing of movies you already own on blu-ray it will happen eventually, I guess the computer wars have changed, it's no longer about having the latest components on board


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Mar 4, 2009
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It's fun to look back at previous threads that were about the next big thing in apple laptops. Some of the assumptions are funny :p