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Discussion in 'iPod' started by Eldiablojoe, Oct 2, 2010.

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    I haven't heard anyone else mention something like this, so I'm going to put this out there.

    There was something posted in the blogosphere about Apple patenting, or trying to develop a way to overcome an inherent design ceiling. The current family of iDevices are limited in how thin they can be by the size of the headphone jack. The devices have to be at least a certain thickness because of the jack.

    With all of Apple's focus on the purity of design, it amazes me that this has not been addressed yet.

    When you dance, run, cycle, etc. the single thing that gets in the way, that takes away from the sleek trimness of the compact devices are the earbud wires. You have to thread through special ports on backpacks or clothing, and you have to make sure they don't get hung up on things you walk by, your elbows, parts of your bicycle, around the shift knob in your car, etc.

    I'm wondering when Apple is going to find a way to get the music from my iDevice to my in-ear pieces (whether they be like buds or like hearing aid inserts) without wires.
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    I think you can already buy wireless headphones that you can make work with an iPod, they are just really expensive.
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    The new standard headphones will be wireless. They will be like the ones one, except without wires, but with antenna's. They will come with every iPod shipped and will be sold for 25.99 separately. :p

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    Bluetooth has it's own problems, including the need for a second device that needs periodic charging. It also uses a wireless frequency range that is getting very crowded and subject to interference from things like microwave ovens. I'm a big fan of it though, but even MicroSoft refuses to put bluetooth in it's Zune devices because of the added complaints and the reduced audio quality the technology brings.

    Apple's instance on thin borders on insanity. There is such a thing as too thin, and the new Touch is right on that borderline. You can trust me that when they make a Touch as thin as a single plate of glass, any breaking or cracking of it WON'T be covered under warranty. :D
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    I don't care about wireless, I just want a earphone with remote control and good quality.
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    This post is full of win.

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