Predictions for refurbished Macbooks?

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by mulletman13, Jun 1, 2006.

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    Hey all,

    Well, it took me a while and I convinced myself to get a MacBook for my Junior year of college. I have an Intel iMac, but I will be working at a newspaper, and living off campus this year, so the addition of a laptop would be excellent.

    Another way I convinced myself, is many people I know spent upwards of 2000+ on laptops for college, and with my iMac and Macbook I will have spent less than that :)

    In any case, I pledged the way I'd do it would be to wait for it to get into the refurbished store.... and of course I'm super giddy about that.

    The MBP was in the refurb store pretty soon, and then about a month after a news item was posted that they were in there (so I can't tell exactly when it was put in the store).

    I'm not looking for a definitive answer, just trying to get some speculation about when to expect this :)

    I would think the price would be around $899 for the $1049 model... at least thats what I'm hoping :)
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