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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by mlts22, Jul 23, 2010.

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    Oct 28, 2008
    My predictions for the iPhone 5, and I'm going to not bother with the antenna debacle, because there are a large amount of other threads on that. I might be wrong, but here goes:

    1: The design will stay the same. LTE isn't going to be widely deployed for a while, and I'd guess not until 2012 at the earliest.

    2: We will see a 64GB capacity bump.

    3: We will see some software upgrades. Perhaps wireless tethering.

    4: We won't see Verizon. It would take some RF engineering to get the device to use T-Mobile's nonstandard 3G frequencies. Having to have another antenna for US only CDMA companies is just not going to happen. If CDMA appears, it will be for China that supports R-UIM cards.

    5: We will see some tightening of security for Exchange. Perhaps encryption of all data from apps, or better assurance that if a phone is wiped/restored, there is no way to recover data. We might see some more Exchange specific features. Likely we will see some features only found in Blackberries, such as the ability to have a phone wipe itself if it is not connected to the Internet in x amount of time, or if the SIM is changed out.

    6: We will see a Spotify-like app and an infrastructure around it. This way, if someone wants to stream music, they can... for a fee per month.

    7: There will be a facility for cloud-based backups. Tier IV datacenters are not built on core Internet pipes for kicks. I'm sure Apple will be building this functionality into MobileMe, not just to keep your contacts in a safe place, but even a Time Machine extension, so a Mac can be restored.

    8: The 30 pin dock connector will still be there. The only way I can see another type of docking connector being added is functionality down the headphone jack port for USB data similar to the iPod Shuffle, and I seriously doubt that ever will happen.

    9: Apple will probably ship it in August or September. This way, their OEMs will have more time to get their production processes in place.

    10: If there are any changes to the glass, it will be that there will be a better anti-scratch coating applied to the back of the phone, or there will be a raised edge, so the back is less easily scratched as the device is slid across a table.

    11: Price, same as last year's.
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    Jul 23, 2008
    They'll get rid of the lowest capacity device.

    Sooo... if they do manage to pull of a 64gb, it'll be 300... 32gb will be 200... no more 16.... they'll drop the 16gb ip4 down to 100 bucks.

    I would love something like Spotify here in the US. Love!

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