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Discussion in 'macOS' started by lbjazz, Oct 23, 2011.

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    Apr 11, 2011
    A few months ago in SL on my MBP 2,2 I noticed that many preferences were not persistent after machine restarts or logout/login. Examples include but certainly are not limited to:

    - Default Applications, notably default browser
    - Dock item order
    - Login items
    - Hot corner selections
    - Space assignments
    - Some random application preferences

    Other preferences, such as account logins, however, were fine.

    Obviously, this is infuriating at best. I just upgraded to Lion in hopes that this would be the equivalent of doing an archive and install like I've used in the past to cure other problems. Lion installed flawlessly, but the problem persists. Some preferences, such as getting rid of natural scrolling, come back just fine, but all the above and more reset to the same values form months ago on restart. This turns out to be even more annoying in Lion as the changes to spaces, expose, etc. have necessitated that I am very picky about many of the preferences that dictate how Mission Control works.

    Some steps I've already taken:

    Repairing permissions
    Applying read and write privaleges to all enclosed items in some of the library folders
    The above mentioned lion upgrade

    So, my question is, Am I just screwed and have no choice but to format and do a clean install, or are there more, less nuclear options. I really do not have the option of a fresh start right now as I have a good bit of work I'm doing on the machine right now that needs to be completed before I risk any kind of loss in organization. I've done a few google and forum searches and turned up nothing so far.
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