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Sep 13, 2015
Hey to every macOS user,

I am following this forum for a long time for different topics but I was not used to post anything. I spent a lot of time lately to work on installing and customizing os x with scripts and I thought in favor of 10.12 right around the corner I share these many hours of work with the community ;)

It deals with a lot of questions and problems that are discussed here and I hope it helps anyone. I read the forum rules and I don`t want to promote anything but I would be happy to help, share and discuss this os x stuff. It starts with creating an usb install volume, resetting and automatically adjusting network settings, set almost all system preferences and the dock with the command line and contains a backup / restore script.

The following introduction is the first part of the readme file at github so you know what it is all about. The main scripts are (2), (5), (7), (10) and (11).


I am not a developer but an apple user and admin for more than 10 years. I realized that a clean install on every major macOS update is the best way to avoid many bugs and get rid of old, no longer needed files in the system. But unfortunately every install took a lot of time and I have more than one mac to admin... That`s why I did this project: to make clean installations and customization on macOS as easy, individual and fast as possible.

Of course you can customize and run the commands and scripts on existing systems that did not lately get a clean install, too.

It`s kind of a walkthrough of a clean macOS install with manuals, scripts, comments and a lot of macOS know how that I gathered.

I wrote a backup and restore script for all my third party apps and their preferences files. But restoring old macOS system files on a clean new OS install is not recommended.

That`s why one of the intentions is to make the complete macOS System Preferences highly customizable by script. There were already a lot of existing scripts. Those built the basis and the idea for mine. That's why a lot of credit goes to their authors. I tried to make their scripts more complete with a lot of my own additions and even tried making them better and clearer by giving them a structure according to the macOS System Preferences and the apple apps that ship with the OS (Safari, Calendar, Contacts, ...).

At first it was intented only for my personal use. But then I decided to publish everything here because it took me so many hours and I would have loved to find anything like this when I started. So I hope it helps anyone ;)

This said, any help, feedback and comment for making this better and even more complete is very welcome. There is a list of stuff I couldn`t figure out, so it would be nice to have help for that and test all the functions and commands.

Read the ReadMe including the disclaimer carefully before you start using anything and feel free to adjust every script and manual to your needs.

Happy installing and customizing :)


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Sep 5, 2015
Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

Most of those things I do every by hand everytime I do a clean install on my Macs as well. Nice to see a script of them.
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