Premiere problems


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Sep 3, 2006
The situation is about an installation of Premiere CC 2020 application, in a friends' mac, that I try to help him.
Today I sat in front of his mac, and several strange things happened in front of my eyes.

He mainly uses mts video files, produced by his cameras. But these does not seem to be the only ones with issues. I will explain later.
He worked with such files with a previous version of premiere with no problems at all, but when he upgraded to catalina, the old premiere stopped working, so now he has 2020 version. We also made an uninstall and then install again, of the whole premiere application, even with deleting all preferences to have a total clearance.

I saw him drag and drop mts video file, and no sound bar appeared in the timeline, and no sound played while the video was running!
Of course, the video has included audio, that played properly through vlc player.

I also saw him recording just in front of me, a new video with his camera, in mov format.
He transferred it to mac, then in premiere, and this one played only as audio, with a black screen with no video!

After these incidents, and some google searching for any fast solution (deleted media cache, for example, but it did not helped),
I promised him to try to find some kind of help or solution online, and this is why I opened this topic.

Does anyone has any clue of what is happening?
I find such problems really weird, but somehow there should be way to overcome them.
I wait for your ideas and help.