Premium Channel 'Showtime Anytime' Comes to Apple TV

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    In addition to the return of the iTunes Festival channel for Apple TV today ahead of September's concert series in London, Apple has also added a new Showtime Anytime channel to its set-top box.

    The Apple TV channel is a companion to the Showtime premium cable network and offers limited free content to all users. Most content, which includes live and on-demand shows and events, is limited to customers who subscribe to the network through a participating cable provider.

    Update 8:52 AM: As noted by Mac1 [Google Translate], Norwegian public television network NRK has also launched on Apple TV in that country.

    Update 9:50 AM: Swedish public broadcaster SVT has also announced [Google Translate] the launch of its SVT Play channel for Apple TV.

    Article Link: Premium Channel 'Showtime Anytime' Comes to Apple TV
  2. zedsdead macrumors 68040

    Jun 20, 2007
    App Store Apple...allow choice. Not complicated.
  3. critter13 macrumors 6502

    Aug 23, 2010

    considering this has never had airplay I am surprised they made an ATV app, sweet!
  4. SonicSoundVW macrumors regular

    Jul 22, 2014
    Michigan, USA
  5. sandler77 macrumors newbie

    Jan 29, 2009

    I'll check this out later this evening to verify. Anyone know if DirecTV is one of the participating network providers? Will this finally solve the Showtime "anti-Airplay" scenario we've had to deal with for years now???
  6. newyorksole macrumors 68020

    Apr 2, 2008
    New York.
    I wonder if Apple has any plans to change the interface . You would think with all these channels they would update it by now ...
  7. Rafterman macrumors 68000

    Apr 23, 2010
    If its DirecTV, the chances are usually "no". Rarely does the cheap-azz DirecTV sign up for any of these streaming apps.
  8. TheRealTVGuy macrumors 6502a


    Jul 21, 2010
    Orlando, FL
    Thoughts on a la carte...

    We traditional broadcasters only care about verifiable eyeballs. Something we can take to the local car dealer/grocer/ad agency/whoever and say "See! Advertise with us for X dollars and you'll be seen by Y many people!"

    The cable companies invested (many times heavily) into the infrastructure (physical copper and fiber in the ground, the head-ends, etc.) and sold their subscribers' eyeballs to the networks. "See! Sign this agreement and we'll deliver X potential eyeballs and even Y amount of dollars to your revenue stream. Provided of course that you play by these rules which state you can't offer your services a la carte and cut us out of the deal."

    One of the problems now is that the networks have grown accustomed to this revenue and ratings stream and are very nervous about possibly upsetting the hand that has fed them and provided for their growth for so many years.

    Another problem is that cable is still an Oligopoly and, at least for the last-mile, its a monopoly based on who owns the physical cabling in the ground. Very little incentive for one company to change the business model when they're all enjoying the hayride.

    Finally, the biggest reason Apple can't "just do what they did with iTunes, the iPod, and the recording industry", is that the cable TV industry has much tighter control than the recording industry did. You could copy tapes and CDs easily. You could import a CD, upload it to Napster, and share it easily. There really weren't many anti-copy safeguards because at some point, the audio signal had to become analog in order for an amplifier to push it through your speakers and into your ears. The record industry was losing their a$$e$ and couldn't see a solution until Steve came riding in on a white horse and saved them (while taking a nice % of each transaction, of course.) The result was a win-win situation, but more so for consumers. The record industry's sales were saved, but they weren't seeing the same rate of return as before. Meanwhile consumers could now choose their music a la carte, many times at a cost-savings. No more did you have to pay $15.99 for a twelve track album that included three songs you actually liked, just to have the one song you really loved.

    I've been watching the cable industry very closely, especially the last few years. They are increasingly tightening their grip on the content, aided by the fact that the signal is now almost completely digital (and therefore much easier to secure) from start to finish. It started when satellite companies injected an FM frequency into certain channels that a tuner box basically filtered out (for a monthly fee of course). Now, with the system being completely digital, your cable box acts like a node. It has its own MAC address and can be seen and managed remotely by the cable company. Now some systems are going completely digital, with no analog service to the home. You're forced to rent a smaller node for each additional television in your home. This allows them the ultimate in secure control.

    There is no earth shaking market disruption like Napster to interrupt the cable industry's way of doing business. (Yes, I know there are a few tech-savy folks who VPN or port their IP addresses and stream content from home, but it still requires a cable subscription.) But really, unlike the recording industry, the cable companies have no reason to negotiate or change their business model. They saw what that did to the bottom lines of both the record industry and Apple, and they don't want to share their $$. Why would they?
  9. azentropy macrumors 68000


    Jul 19, 2002
    Yes, DirecTV is listed as a provider.
  10. perealb macrumors regular


    Oct 30, 2009
    I'm not sure what's holding Apple to open an Apple TV Store. It might be a new Apple TV?
  11. TheRealTVGuy macrumors 6502a


    Jul 21, 2010
    Orlando, FL
    My friend subscribes to HBO as part of DirecTV and the HBOGo app on the AppleTV works fine for him.
  12. 8281 macrumors 6502

    Dec 15, 2010
    Release a new Apple TV already with App Store support!
  13. Rafterman macrumors 68000

    Apr 23, 2010
    Its a Christmas miracle.
  14. skinned66 macrumors 65816


    Feb 11, 2011
    Ottawa, Canada
    Throw all of the worthless cable/satellite subscription based apps you want at me. I'm never going back.

    "Another icon to hide" ad nauseam.
  15. Boatboy24 macrumors 6502a

    Nov 4, 2011
    1 Infinite Loop
    This is interesting.
  16. Ibjr macrumors 6502a

    Jun 29, 2002
    Eastern seaboard
    Did Apple pay Comcast like it did with HBOGO to authorize Xfinity Cable users?
  17. lewisd25 macrumors 6502a

    Jul 6, 2007
    It is a shame that HBO and Showtime don't go alacarte. The post above (#8) is a great read, but I still hope it will happen one day. I would subscribe to the Showtime Anytime app just to watch Homeland...
  18. BJMRamage macrumors 68020


    Oct 2, 2007
    well, that's cool.

    and it looked like on Shotimes webpage that I can have access via my internet/tv subscriber.
  19. JackieInCo macrumors 601

    Jul 18, 2013
    I had to restart my ATV to get this one to show up.

    I like using HBO GO so I may give this one a try. I like that I can get the premium channels for $10 each for a year.

    I was cable/satellite free for three years. It was more a financial thing then not wanting it. It's good to be back.
  20. satcomer macrumors 603


    Feb 19, 2008
    The Finger Lakes Region
    It's a change that doesn't mean that cable cutters can get the programming. Until one can get and use these TV apps to any user willing to pay for it. :mad:
  21. Iconoclysm macrumors 68000


    May 13, 2010
    Washington, DC
    This is the company that invented the App Store, I'm sure they know what complications there are.

    As for choice, choice of what?
  22. Rafterman macrumors 68000

    Apr 23, 2010
    Apple didn't invent the app store. Apps stores existed for PocketPC and Palm apps for years before Apple had theirs.
  23. zedsdead macrumors 68040

    Jun 20, 2007
    There are no complications....Roku and Amazon both have them.

    Apple is scared to release any updates because they can't release their "grand vision" Apple TV. They've been holding back a superior product because they can't get the content deals in place. And they won't anytime soon. The new Apple TV will be delayed, as it has been months after months.

    Choice of what channels to download...there are some, like the blaze and amazon, that would be available if apple had a store.

    They completely believe in apps stores, so there shouldn't be a problem.

    Plus the UI needs a major overhaul...the current UI was an earlier idea that Steve Jobs initially rejected. It should have stayed that way.
  24. sandler77 macrumors newbie

    Jan 29, 2009

    True that they are listed (just like in the iOS App as well). Now we're stuck with "limited content" and how much they will allow us to watch on AppleTV. If it's like HBOGO, all is good. The only very minor issue is that you have to wait until a show/event premieres live, then you can watch it any time after that and catch up like a DVR. No worries there for me. The big picture here was being able to watch Homeland, Masters of Sex or Ray Donovan on the big screen TV any time. Watching these and other shows any time on an iPhone or iPad is cool and all that, but the "anti-Airplay" feature killed the concept for big TVs.

    Let's hope the app is similar to that of HBOGO and most shows/content is available for AppleTV.
  25. Frankied22 macrumors 68000


    Nov 24, 2010
    Plex for starters.

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